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Fill the following form to generate a script submission file.



Specify a name for the job allocation. The specified name will appear along with the job id number when querying running jobs on the system.

Job name:
Input file name:
Absolute Input Path:
Absolute Output Path:

Email addres where to receive notifications about the state changes checked below.

Email notifications:

Pinineus: Heterogeneous cluster. Composed by standard nodes, Knights Landing nodes and nodes with GPU.
Canigó: Shared memory cluster. Ideal to perform very demanding memory jobs.

Select a machine:

std: The standard queue.
knl: Job calculation will use the 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor (Knights Landing).
gpu: Job calculation will use P100 Nvidia GPU's.
mem: Memory demanding job calculation. The job will be sent to Canigó

Number of nodes: 50 max.
Number of cores (MPI): 48 max.
Number of threads (OMP):
OMP Threads:
Memory (in GB): 192 GB max.

Send the job to standard nodes with a memory allocation up to 8GB per core.


Set a limit on the total run time of the job allocation. If the requested time limit exceeds the partition's time limit, the job will be left in a PENDING state (possibly indefinitely). Time resolution is one minute and second values are rounded up to the next minute.

Estimated time of calculation:
days hours minutes seconds
Select the program:



Generated Script: