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The HPC facilities at CSUC are comprised of three different machines integrated in a single queue system. The batch manager automatically assigns a job to computing nodes in all three machines depending on demanded resources and availability. Jobs submitted from the login node are automatically assigned to the most suitable node.

The queue system runs on IBM Platform Load Sharing Facility (LSF) software. You can find a starter's guide to LSF here.

Machine specifications

Bull NovaScaleprades

43 nodes x 2 Xenon processors (8 cores/node)
48/32 GB main memory/node (Ethernet connected)
52.60 TB disk space
Peak performance: 4.05 Tflops/s

SGI Altix UV 1000pirineus224 Intel Xeon X7542 (1344 cores)
6.14 TB main memory (shared)
112 TB disk space
Peak performance: 14.30 Tflop/s
Hybrid Bullcollserola10 nodes x 2 Xeon E5-2697 (24 cores/node)
                  + Intel Xeon Phi 5120P (60 cores/node)
512/256 GB main memory/node (InfiniBand connected)
20.78 TB disk space
Peak performance: 15.29 Tflop/s

Service statistics

Current stats about the HPC service can be checked online.

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