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HPC facilities at CSUC are available to both academics and industrial clients.

Academic access

Academic access to our HPC resources is available to

  • Research groups affiliated with any of the Catalan Universities or Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) centres in Catalonia.
  • Research groups in Spain.

Academic users in Catalonia are sponsored by the Direcció General de Recerca (DGR). Academic users in Spain are supported by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. As a result, computational resource prizes are subsidised for these users.

In exchange, academic users must abide by the following conditions:

  • Refrain from employing CSUC resources for commercial activities, except when taking part in industrial projects.
  • Acknowledge access to CSUC resources in all publications derived from it.
  • Provide information regarding their research project (description, objectives, computational model).
  • Provide citations to all publications in which CSUC resources were employed.
  • Contribute to spreading knowledge about the benefits of using our resources within the scientific community.

Industrial access

Companies and industrial ventures worldwide can also apply for access to our resources. Industrial clients are not bound by the academic requirements above.


Enquiries about this service should be addressed to:

Ricard de la Vega
Computing and Applications Manager
+34 93 205 3898

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